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Our Mission

Our mission at CME Broadcast.com is to deliver high quality eLearning and streaming video continuing medical education solutions using internet digital technology so that Healthcare Professionals can maintain the standard of excellence in the delivery of medical care, using up-to-date clinical information.

CME Broadcast.com seeks to assist Healthcare Professionals by providing quality, convenient online medical education that maximizes professional standards while preserving the Healthcare Practitioner's dedication to the profession of medicine.

We produce high quality CME for your participation in a variety of convenient settings, such as your office, home, while traveling, or anywhere that you have access to the internet, which is virtually, anywhere and anytime.

Our continued commitment is to enhance the quality and effectiveness of medical information and education through innovative delivery and support of continuing professional development programs for health care professionals.

Company Profile

CME Broadcast.com partners with video production professionals, medical education and communication companies and other organizations, to provide certified continuing education for health care professionals.

We offer technological features such as eLearning applications and streaming videos, to creating new educational partnerships with health care suppliers and practitioners, CME Broadcast.com continues to meet the needs of medical professionals who are seeking reliable medical content, resources, education and information.

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