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Transforming Your Business
The Latest Internet Tech
Digital streaming transforms your past meetings and presentations into interactive Web-based programs with audio, video, animations, graphics and other multimedia production elements.

tilizing the latest technologies in multimedia production, web-based programming applications and streaming media technologies CME Broadcast.com can combine existing material with new production and computer programming creating a rich media experience.

Database Tech

Streaming Media Multimedia Reach
Integration & Tracking
Web-based programs not only reach a wider audience but when developed with database technologies on the back-end also offer easy tracking of user demographics and participation for your marketing needs. Online program evaluations and post tests with grade scoring and certificates. for education.
User Experience
CME Broadcast.com uses the latest state-of the Internet streaming media development environments   assuring your annual meetings, educational events and conferences can be transformed into interactive streaming multimedia presentations -- just as they were originally presented.
Technology Alternatives
Multimedia solutions for your meetings allow you to cost-effectively reach a wider audience, and by offering interactive multimedia alternatives you will attract more users interested in the convenience, efficiency and cost-savings these solutions offer.
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