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CME on MP3? - MP3 players aren't just for teenagers downloading their favorite tunes--they're also for doctors to download CME.







CME Broadcast.com is committed to delivering high quality streaming video continuing medical education using internet digital technology so that Healthcare Professionals can maintain the standard of excellence in the delivery of medical care, using up-to-date clinical information.

CME Broadcast.com's goal is to become the leading provider of online physician developed and monitored medical information, continuing medical education (CME), and resources for health care and medical professionals, and independent, nonprofit, accredited providers of continuing medical education for physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.
At CME Broadcast.com we partner with you to make your events available from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) using technologies and approaches that enable you to build, strengthen, and manage relationships on a global scale. Which in today’s world economy is essential!
A Head-Up on Technology
CME Broadcast.com specializes in the development of Internet and multimedia solutions for health care organizations. We have developed robust applications for a wide variety of medical societies and industry leading pharma organizations. We integrate streaming media, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, 3-D animations, and other content that enable clients to develop lasting relationships with their target audience.

It's All About ROI
As resources (time and money) become more limited and more organizations offer alternative educational events, you need to not only stay connected, but "be connected".
We recreate your event online and allow the user to feel like they are listening to the event in real time. In comfort of their office or on the road, globally.
The user simply clicks the play button. Then they sit back and review the presentation. The presentation materials are available on-demand allowing users to view the material at their own speed.
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